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We provide you with a one stop turnkey solution for any of your industrial, commercial or institutional project

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Our teams of experts are qualified to carry out your commercial, institutional and industrial project.


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For a commercial construction project, we are the specialists.


We work in the field of institutional construction.


Thanks to its passion for building as a fundamental basis, CONSTRUCTION EDUSCO is your trusted partner for all your projects in new construction in the industrial, commercial and institutional fields.

Managed by experienced shareholders, we put at your service the expertise of our team at the accounting, technical and architectural level in order to accomplish a precise job that meets your expectations.

We work with the greatest talents to offer you strategic support and build spaces that meet your needs and meet the highest quality standards. We take care of all the steps, in close collaboration with all professional stakeholders such as the architect, your supervision team, etc. Well present and attentive, we support you throughout the completion of your project.

Established on the north shore of Montreal, EDUSCO tenders and executes various new construction projects across Quebec. Precision, workmanship, expertise and quality define the guidelines of this company.

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Specialized equipment for large-scale projects.


We all have what is needed for excavation work.

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Our estimates are made at a fair price and we respect your budget.

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